City portrait #19 – Rade Stupar

Rade Stupar – an actor. Oldest active actor in Prijedor city theater (although – retired officially). He played over thirty different characters in his career in several hundreds of shows. Very calm and pleasant person as well as expressive actor. I imagine this portrait as a symbol to theater and that is why to faces […]

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City portrait #18 – Dalibor Popović Mikša (take two)

Again, I tried to do a portrait with Mikša. And again, I let my mind wondering, and as a result, it evolved my original idea to this. I love that process!!! Original idea was to show Mikša as an all around artist – musician, painter, song writer, wanderer… Then, he showed me his 2D/3D installation […]

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City portrait #17 – Rade Vranješ

Rade Vranješ – street book salesman. Also, great photographer (retired temporarily), studied in Zagreb (Croatia) – agriculture, but never finished it because of war in ex SFRJ (Yugoslavia). He is selling books on streets of Prijedor for several years. That is his life. I can not decide which one is better to me so I’m […]

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City portrait #16 – Mirjana Maksimović

Mirjana Maksimović is a professor of biology and ecologist. She is a founder of “Sanus” a non governmental organization based on environmental education and environmental protection. One of the programs that Sanus is covering is also a prevention in water pollution. So… I thought… there will be my starting point in making this portrait. I […]

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City portrait #15 – Aleksa Milić

Aleksa Milić – orthodox ikonographer. He is making ikons on a traditional way and with traditional materials (pigments, eggs, gold…). Originally, painter by profession. Works in a studio in monastery Klisina, 15 km from Prijedor. I have to thank to my friend Ogi and my lovely wife Dragana who helped me with this portrait. Here […]

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