City portraits #5 – Jadranka Rečević

Jadranka Rečević – local radio station (Radio Prijedor) announcer. I took this photo on Prijedors green market and put Jadranka as she was listening for some local gossip. Symbolically – as she has to be informed about city life. It was very interesting this morning, while I was waiting for Jadranka to come, wind was […]

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City portraits #4 – Milenko Radivojac

Milenko Radivojac, director of Museum of Kozara in Prijedor (city museum). Totem-like object on the left side is creation of my own. I’m not satisfied with it. I imagine it like chronological totem and it should represent Prijedor through history. But, everything was organized for today and I had major problems to get those old […]

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