Great expectations

Novak ĐokovićRoger Federer, Roland Garros 2011, 1-3

Novak’s career is followed by whole world recently but specially in Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia. He became national pride and a release valve for all the lost battles. His matches are watched at home as well as at city squares and bars. Men, women, youngsters, old people – everybody was watching with excitement for new dash in a row.

He lost a match against Roger, but for the first time, nation didn’t judged him because of that (Serbian nation has a short memory and easily can forget about a great success just because a moment of weakness). Somehow, all the nation felt released from all the pressure that was hovering above.

Here is a glimpse at the night when Novak failed to became world’s no.1 (for now).




  1. Poseban momenat si fotkao. U srpskoj istoriji poznat kao Noletov Mogaosambitiprvialinisaminadamsedamesrbinećemrzitizbogtoga Momenat. 🙂

  2. U Sloveniji smo imali Primož Peterka što je skakao upičkumater daleko i N’Toko je napisao jednu rap pesmu, koja je imala punč line, da je Peterka vol u uprezi hiljada nesretnih egotripa 🙂
    Ali za Novaka se navija i u Sloveniji, jasno. Novak je najčestije slovenačko prezime 🙂

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