Jadranka Rečević

Jadranka Rečević – local radio station (Radio Prijedor) announcer. I took this photo on Prijedors green market and put Jadranka as she was listening for some local gossip. Symbolically – as she has to be informed about city life.

It was very interesting this morning, while I was waiting for Jadranka to come, wind was so cold and it was rainy and finally when she came I thought, great I’ll warm myself through moving around with my lights and with my camera… but… my bad luck was that everybody knows her and everybody tried to ask her something and in some moment, I lost her there.

It was pretty hard taking pictures there because day was very cloudy with cold rain and market place is very dark place on such day, not to many people outside so I had to find some spot with someone in it. I had to increase my ISO to 500, lower my exposure to 1/30 and aperture was nice at f8. I used one small strobe (Vivitar 285hv) with reflective umbrella.


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