I was trying for few hours to write something memorable, something deep, but only empty phrases came out of my mind. I wanted to share some deep thoughts but they were no deeper than a rain puddle.

I had a great time today. We were climbing one of the Kozara peeks, not to high but with outstanding view. I dedicated this post to my friends because only they will find this worth reading(maybe), and just to remind myself of true values in this material world. I’m not feeling bad, just a bit sentimental. I’m not feeling blue, just a bit melancholy.

There’s only a thought, between sky and earth,

that can’t evaporate, or fall down to dirt,


if thought is left alone to dry,

then why should it exist between earth and sky.

to all my friends

2 thoughts on “ Dedicated to my friends (or Just below the clouds) ”

  1. Sentishman, mene ti filinzi `vataju kad sam u ravnici. Sve je ok, ali nista ne stima. U principu volem taj osjecaj, a u sustini me gusi.

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