For last two days I had an opportunity to assist Borut Peterlin during his project in BiH. Great man, great photographer, great pictures. We were traveling around Prijedor region (maybe a little bit wider).  Here are some pictures of B5 in action and few pictures of an outstanding place called Janjske Otoke near Šipovo. Boruts pictures(portraits) you can find on his blog. I had a great time working with him, and I hope it would not be the last.

B5 in Nisevici B5 in Janjske Otoke

B5 in Janjske Otoke

B5 in Prijedor

B5 in Donje Vodicevo

And that fairy tale place Janjske Otoke:

Janjske Otoke

Janjske Otoke

8 thoughts on “ Honored I am (B5 in action) ”

  1. He,he,he!!!
    Thnx Floe for visiting. This post and one after it were more personal so I believe they are maybe hard to understand to some people. There is no any special point. Glad you like my blog. I’ve been a bit busy so couldn’t post anything (couldn’t even get to the computer 🙂 ) Hope you will come again.
    Best regards,

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